Medical Aid
The Buyong Support Program has become increasingly involved with the local Maribago Health Center, which serves mothers and babies in the community. Medicines are supplied to the Center by the government of Lapu Lapu City, the Baranguy Council, and the Buyong Sponsorship Program. We have recently learned that our program donations make up half the total medicine supplied.
Facts about the Maribago Health Center

1. The Center serves only the people living in the five small villages of Barangay Maribago. Buyong is one of the villages.

2. The Center does not deny service to anyone in the community, but normally those who can afford a private doctor do not use the Health Center.

3. The nurse is on duty every day.

4. Wednesday is a busy day as it is regular check-up day for babies and pregnant women. On other days about 25 people are seen by the nurse and volunteers.

5. Six volunteers assist the nurse everyday. Immunizations for hepatitis, diptheria, measles, polio, and bcg are given to babies regularly.
Unpacking medicines donated by the Program. Below the group poses with the new medicine stock.
Testing the new blood pressure cuff
Janet Zaiser and Nurse Yuli
Two volunteer helpers, Ponciana Soliano and Mildred Cases, assist with this program. They check with the nurse to see what medicines are needed, order the medicines, and deliver them to the Center quarterly, thanks to your generous donations.

We also have an Emergency Medical Fund which has helped a  seven-year-old girl, Abigail, who had TB in her bones, a patient dying of cancer, a person who had been bitten by a dog and needed rabies shots, and other emergencies as they arise.

The cost of medicine in the Philippines is much lower than in the US and other Western countries. If you are interested in donating funds to purchase medicine, please click here.
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