Buyong Elementary
School Improvements
The Buyong Elementary School has a staff of 18 and approximately 700 students.  The school accepts children from Buyong and two other sitios of Barangay Maribago. 
A small donation can go a long way toward improving education for the children of Buyong. If you are interested in contributing to the Program or Buyong Elementary, please click here.

A variety of projects and donations have directly benefitted the school, including:

- Toilets - Grades 1, 2 and 3 at the Buyong school have toilets for the children in each classroom. Grades 4, 5 and 6 had two outdoor toilets to serve all three grades, about 300 children. These toilets at the edge of the school property were in poor condition and unusable. Our school project for 2007 was the rebuilding of these facilities.
- Computers - Six laptop computers and a printer were  donated for use by the school and community.
- Computer Education - Classes were held to teach Buyong teachers, students and members of the local community fundamentals of computer use, word processing, email and the Internet.
- Desktop publishing - Grade 6 teacher Morena Dumao and selected students have designed and published the school graduation program, as well as designing other classroom artwork on the computer.
- Remodeling of the school library and conference room - The ceiling, walls, windows, floors and doors were redone to prevent intruders from breaking in and stealing items.
Front entrance of Buyong Elementary
The teachers of Buyong Elementary
Teachers in the renovated conference room
- Mimeograph Machine - Purchased as a teachers' aid.
- School Fencing - To protect the entire school grounds from vandals and stray animals.
- Art Contests - Sponsored by local jewelry manufacturers.
- Encyclopedias - A complete set of encyclopedias and dictionaries for the school library.
- Gate Repair - A new entrance gate was constructed at the front of the school.
- Tree Planting - American School in Japan students, Buyong teachers and village volunteers planted trees along the length of the front fence.

- Roof repair after a major typhoon.
- School Desks - 50 desks purchased for students who were sharing desks or sitting on the floor all day.
- Food Program - A mid-morning meal for all students.  This program is ongoing.
- Garden Fencing - Built to protect school gardens from stray goats.
- School Clinic - Built as a sick room & nurse's office.
- Workbooks - For primary students (Grades 1 to 3).
- Electricity - With the help of the PTCA we installed electical lines and lights in every room of the school.
- Water System - Piping, sinks and faucets for every classroom.
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