Village Programs
The Buyong Support Program has worked with the Maribago Barangay Council on many projects benefiting the larger community. Some of these include:

1. Typhoon relief - repair and rebuilding of more than fifty houses following a major typhoon   
2. The establishment of water cooperatives and the construction of communal toilets in four locations
3. The development of a trash collection system
4. Participation in the Barangay "Clean and Green Campaign"
5. Assistance for the annual "International Coastal Cleanup"
6. Construction at the Datag Daycare Center
7. Gravel surfacing of the Buyong Village beach access road
8. Laptop computers and instruction for the Maribago Barangay Council
9. Restoration of water to 21 families in the Buyong Village Water Cooperative, which was formed six years ago by Paul and failed due to mismanagement and stolen pipes. Former student, Jimmy Pinote, organized the new cooperative with better guidelines and management, and our engineer, Fridel Paquibot, installed the system (the new pipes are in cement)..

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Public toilets in Buyong, renovated in 2007
Public work project by the Maribago Barangay Council
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