The Program's History and
Its Volunteers
The Program's History

It all began in 1982 when Martha Zaiser, sister of Paul and daughter of Janet and Ernest Zaiser, visited Buyong on a diving expedition for work. A young girl by the name of Nora Erbito approached her on the beach peddling jewelry. Martha asked her why she wasn't in school and Nora repied that her family couldn't afford to send her. Martha decided to sponsor Nora's high-school education.
Poinciana Soliano and Mildred Cases help administer the medical program, contacting doctors and pharmacies, and distributing medicine.
Lily Soliano and Evelyn Cabanisas have been teaching at the Buyong Elementary School for almost thirty years. They have been instrumental in implementing various projects at the school and handle the finances for the food program.
Lucresio Soliano was the Maribago Barangay Captain. Village-wide development projects would have been impossible without the support of Lucres and all the Council members.
Tancia and Gaudi Alegres were with the program since its start. They helped manage bank accounts and all matters financial in the Philippines.
Paul and his mother, Janet, regularly visited Buyong throughout the 1980s and early 90s. Paul would often bring students from the Philippine Relief Organization with him to visit. In 1996, Paul moved to Buyong permanently and lived there until his death in 2003. Janet Zaiser, members of her family, and students from the American School in Japan continue to visit Buyong each year.
The Philippine Relief Organization Tuesday Bake Sale at the American School in Japan
The bake sale sign
Starting with this simple goal, the Buyong Support Program quickly expanded to include many more scholarships for deserving students, assistance to the Buyong Elementary School, and projects to improve the overall health and standard of living for residents of Buyong and Maribago.

Paul Zaiser, Martha's brother and a teacher at the American School in Japan, founded a student organization called The Philippine Relief Organization. Since the mid-1980s, the student members of the organization have financed the daily feeding of students at Buyong Elementary and student scholarships through weekly bake sales and other fundraising events.
Martha and Nora in 1982

Our Helpers and Friends Throughout the Years

The Buyong Support Program could not be successful without the participation and encouragement of many people.

Current Helpers
Paul and ASIJ students in 1997
Keiko Auckerman is the teacher sponsor for the Philippine Relief Organization at the American School in Japan
Past Helpers
Pening Taghoy helped administer the medical program, contacting doctors and pharmacies, distributing medicine, and assisting Paul in advising and counseling our TB patients.
Nila Ompad helped coordinate sponsorships for high school students.
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ASIJ students visit in 2008